The Community Coalition for Social Justice (CCSJ) brings together people from the Morgantown and nearby areas, including religious organizations, faculty and staff of area schools and the University, labor unions, and community advocacy organizations to promote social justice in our community.
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...Yet, the fierce

urgency of now calls us from despair, urges us claim
no more than our share. Lucent with renewal, we will
not ignore the damage deepening in our land. Dry
self-seeking needs love to moisten us to malleable
shape. Hands together, pushing on the universe’s
moral arm, we can help it bend toward justice.

--Susan Shaw Sailer

Part of a poem written for the Morgantown Seventh Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration, “Hand in Hand, Together We Can,” 2013. Three phrases in the final two stanzas are drawn from writings and speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.
(Full poem here.)