Past CCSJ Events and Actions
CCSJ Annual Report
The 2017 Annual Report details the many activities undertaken by the group during 2016. A PDF can be accessed here.
Martin Luther King Jr celebrations
The CCSJ started the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day celebrations in Morgantown. Some programs and pictures from prior events are here.
Library Collections
Over the years, with funding from the city of Morgantown and the Appalachian Regional Fund, the CCSJ has purchased book collections for the town and local libraries focused on a wide range of topics relating to social justice. The CCSJ thanks all who helped in this effort, and the respective organizations for funding. The books are available at the Morgantown, Clay-Battelle, and Clinton district libraries. Further details on the whole process of book selection and acquisition, as well as a full list of books organized by topic is available here (1.5 Mb PDF). Other book lists are provided on our Resources page.
2009 Regional Jail Forum
In 2009, the CCSJ organized a forum to discuss issues relating to the regional jail. The inception of the regional jail program had led to a number of concerns, including the additional expense involved in transportation, as well as the lack of public transport to and from the jail.
2010 Fair Housing Forum
CCSJ helped to sponsor a Fair Housing Seminar held on April 19, 2010 at Ramada Inn. Chief Administrative Law Judge, Phyllis Carter, presented one of her training modules, “Unconscious Bias”; Michael Jansen, Director of HUD Pittsburgh Area Office, presented training regarding the uniform federal guidelines on accessibility; Tony Reilley from Legal Aid spoke on Landlord/Tennant issues and some student housing issues; and Regina Mayolo spoke on Design and Construction as well as student housing issues. CLU credits were offered.
2014 Religious Diversity Forum
CCSJ organized a program on the religious diversity of the Morgantown-area community on Tuesday, September 9th, at 7:00 pm at Greater St. Paul AME Church on Beechurst Avenue. Speakers reprsented the following faiths: Ba'hai, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. Each spoke on two issues related to his/her faith community: “What is your religion's message about social justice and tolerance in your teaching and practice?” and ”What does your religion teach about compassion?”. The concept was to learn about the rich diversity of the Morgantown area as reflected in its religious practices.
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